The International Chess Federation (FIDE) can open up an account with Bank of America. Earlier, Swiss bank UBS, which was previously cooperating with the federation, closed FIDE account.

"I gave FIDE Treasurer a list of several banks to open up accounts with, including Bank of America. I wrote them letters, and they are open for cooperation. There are many large Russian banks that are willing to hold our accounts," Ilyumzhinov said.

On 8 May, in an interview to the National News Service, the president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said that chess lessons not only increase life expectancy but also help to ensure healthy old age.

"As the president of FIDE, I would like to say that chess has a beneficial effect on the psyche and on the moral and physical state of a person. People aged 50 and over are strongly encouraged to play chess or at least practice it for half an hour. Chess is the only way to prevent aging memory loss. Chess is used in the hospitals of Britain and America.

Passions in the International Chess Federation (FIDE) do not cease. No sooner had the president of the organization Kirsan Ilyumzhinov won a court against the Reuters and forced the Washington Times to apologize as there was a new informational throw-in in the media.

This time the media, referring to the Financial Times, reported that UBS, after many years of cooperation with FIDE, allegedly severed all relations with the federation. The argument that has already become traditional, namely that Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has been included in the US sanctions list since 2015, is used as a reason.

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov expressed the hope that former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan will retain the post of President of the Armenian Chess Federation despite recent events.

The day before, against the backdrop of large-scale protests, twice elected president of Armenia Sargsyan resigned as prime minister of the country. Sargsyan also headed the Armenian Chess Federation.

In 1993, the staff of Zvezda plant and Alachinsky state farm, Kalmykia’s Cossacks council and congress of entrepreneurs of Kalmykia nominated Kirsan Ilyumzhinov as a candidate for President of the Republic of Kalmykia.

On 11 April, 1993, gaining 65.4 per cent of the vote, 32-year-old Ilyumzhinov became the first president of the Republic of Kalmykia. He did much for Kalmykia during the years of his presidency.

Politics is often compared with a chess game. There is much in common but, unlike modern politics, they still adhere to the rules in the great table game. For example, it is impossible to imagine an opponent who, before the game, starts threatening to take away your pieces or forbid you to move them on the board, if you do not give up the queen.

As we already reported, the closing ceremony of the Rosgvardia Chess Championship took place on March 22. FIDE President warmly welcomed the participants and the winners of the championship. The readers of our site may see new photos of the event at the bottom of this page. The Rosgvardia press service kindly shared these with our website.

The chairman of Rosgvardia’s sports committee Colonel Vladimir Malofeev handed the letter of gratitude, signed by Rosgvardia’s commander-in-chief Viktor Zolotov, to the President of FIDE.

On March 16, W Legal Limited, a London based law firm that provides litigation services for FIDE President received a letter from English journal,The Week who have apologised and agreed to pay undisclosed damages to Mr llyumzhinov, which will be used to promote chess in the UK. The letter says:

"Dear Sirs, цe wish to apologise to your client, his Excellency, Mr Kirsan llyumzhinov, the President of FIDE, in relation to an article published in “The Week” on 14 February 2018.

On February 8, Ilyumzhinov visited Ulyanovsk for the first time, arriving at the "New Cooperation" forum. FIDE head came from Tel Aviv, where he negotiated the organization of a tournament between Jewish and Palestinian schoolchildren. The same evening, he flew to Yerevan from Ulyanovsk to open the chess academy. After that he flew to the Arab Emirates to the Asian chess congress and from there he went to London – the schedule is crazy!

Ulyanovsk kindergartners and first-graders will be taught to play chess soon. Already this year, chess should be taught not as an optional subject but as mandatory in several schools of the region. Later, it is planned to teach Ulyanovsk children the game of chess starting from kindergarten. A memorandum of cooperation was signed at the "New Cooperation" forum held in Ulyanovsk since February 8. It calls for close cooperation between the Ulyanovsk region and chess federation. The federation will help the region with textbooks, tournament organization and training of coaches.

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