A journalist from Buryatia continues his fascinating story about his trip to the capital of Kalmykia, Elista, and how Buddhism helped and helps Kalmyks to be one people. The Inform Policy’s reporter visited the largest Buddhist temple in Europe. We invite the readers of our website to make a fascinating journey through Elista with him.  

Despite the closeness of the language, traditions and culture, Kalmyks are more united as a people than Buryats. It is not because of differences in their history. It is by the example of Kalmyks that Buryats know the truth of the saying ‘one religion, one people’. And that helps them to dispel erroneous stereotypes such as Buddhism made the Mongolian peoples weak in spirit.  

Filming a film about seer Vanga continues on 5 November. Recall that the script of the two-part documentary film is still kept secret and its working title is “The whole truth about Baba Vanga”. According to the authors of the picture, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov will reveal to the audience the seer’s unknown features basing on the memories of her relatives, acquaintances and renowned people that visited her.

On 5 November, Ilyumzhinov's meeting with Archbishop John, who took communion and the last confession of Vanga before her death, was filmed in Rupite. Kirsan Nikolayevich is confident that the interview with Archbishop John will be one of the key fragments of the new film.

 Recently, a reporter from Buryatia visited Elista and compared the capital of Kalmykia with his native Ulan-Ude. We encourage our readers to read his report.

We got to Elista through Volgograd late at night. But even in the dark, the city centre amazed us with its colour. In the morning sunlight, everything turned out to be much more colourful.
We immediately noted that the population of Kalmykia is three times less than that of Buryatia. Out of the 300 thousand inhabitants of Kalmykia, nearly 100 thousand live in Elista. Therefore, the city is small, compact and incredibly comfortable. 

The World Chess Olympiad ended in Batumi, Georgia. This is a prestigious team competition, which takes place every two years.

The Uzbekistan men's national team, having scored six victories in 11 rounds, suffered two defeats and finished three games in a draw eventually taking the 16th place. The result is not bad at all, although, according to Uzbek chess players, there were periods when the national team performed better, winning top prizes.

The members of the Uzbekistan national team along with ex-world champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov, young chess players Nodirbek Yakubboev and Nodirbek Abdusattorov showed themselves very well. Yakubboev, for example, not only finished second but also became an international grandmaster.

On 23 August, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov flew to Dharamsala, India. On the same day, the head of FIDE and Shadzhin-Lama of Kalmykia Telo Tulku Rinpoche met with the head of the Central Tibetan Administration Dr Lobsang Sangay. Lobsang Sangay is a very respected and well-known person - he is a lawyer, scientist, public and political figure.

On 8 May, FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the head of the Central Tibetan Administration Dr Lobsang Sangay signed a cooperation agreement providing for joint activities to implement the FIDE Chess in Schools programme, as well as organizing various chess competitions in Dharamsala.

A most interesting initiative was made by Ukrainian chess players. On 7 July, an unusual event was held in the central square of Kaniv, a city located in the Cherkasy province. The residents and guests of Kaniv took part in a new chess game, which they called "MASS CHESS".
Not only local residents who came to the square could join this game, but also anyone from different regions of Ukraine using on-line apps. Using their mobile phones or computers, players made moves and the move, which gained most votes, was automatically reproduced on a chessboard screen in the centre of Kaniv.

On 14 May, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov flew in to Tashkent. On this day, FIDE President met with the Tax Committee Interim Chairman Bekhzod Musaev, Zonal President Hassan Turdaliev and Vice-President of the Chess Federation, Education Minister of Uzbekistan Ulugbek Inoyatov.

Additionally, meetings with the Minister of Information Technologies and Communications of Uzbekistan Azim Ahmedkhadzhayev and the Chairman of the State Tax Committee of Uzbekistan Bekhzod Musaev were held.

On March 22, the Rosgvardia Chess Championship ended in the independent operational purpose division named after Felix Dzerzhinsky in Balashikha near Moscow. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov made a welcoming speech at the closing ceremony and awarding the championship winners.

13 teams, representing the central apparatus, districts and military institutions of the Russian National Guard, joined the tournament. Also participating in the championship were servicemen of the independent operational purpose division and students of the Sholokhov Moscow Presidential Cadet School.

On February 6, FIDE President arrived in Tel Aviv. Ilyumzhinov was invited to take part in the celebration of Israel’s 70th anniversary. Incidentally, as part of the festive events dedicated to that significant date, world champions Garry Kasparov and Vichy Anand will give a simultaneous game session on May 1.

Ilyumzhinov, who has long been working on organizing a "peace match" between a thousand young Israeli chess players and their Palestinian peers, is going to coordinate the time, place and other details of the tournament. According to FIDE head, this most peaceful match in history could take place right on the separation barrier between the conflicting parties, embodying the slogan "Chess instead of Kalashnikovs ".

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