- Kirsan Nikolayevich, may Azmaiparashvili be subject to penalties and sanctions if the Canadian grandmaster Kovalev lodges an official complaint?

We are talking about the ethical side of the issue. I would not like to make any statements since FIDE Ethics Commission is independent body. But purely humanly I don’t like this situation. We are players and whatever happens, we should always treat each other with respect.

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov expressed dissatisfaction with actions of Chairman of the organizing committee of the World Cup in Tbilisi and expressed his regret that such unpleasant situation has occurred.
Recall that Canadian chess player Anton Kovalev left the World Cup without playing in the third round match. The reason for the demarche was the aggressive actions of the head of the organizing committee Zurab Azmaiparashvili, who insulted Kovalev.

- Kirsan Nikolayevich, the World Chess Cup is your brainchild. Are you satisfied with its development? After all, any "parent" knows better than others both the best and worst aspects of his creation.

Only time can tell. In December 1995, at the FIDE presidential council in Singapore, I suggested holding a World Championship on a knockout system, which was later transformed into the World Cup.

- Kirsan Nikolaevich, what does World Chess Cup mean for you?

I founded this tournament in 1995 and allocated $5 million for it. At that time, it was called the "World Knockout Championship". Back then, the match system came to a deadlock because Kasparov had left (FIDE), created his own federation of professional chess players and held championships on his system. Later, he couldn’t find money.

- Kirsan Nikolayevich, scientists are increasingly calling us to seek a new place of residence in the vastness of the universe. The whole internet is actively discussing the approach of the end of the world. Do you think that this is a real threat to humanity?
Human civilization is tense and alert. The prominent businessmen, scientists and politicians are increasingly talking about "global threats", which can make our life a mess. We are urged to look for "answers to challenges" but the proposed methods for countering threats are more like a child's attempt to hide from the problems under the blanket.

- Kirsan Nikolayevich, can you call Kasparov's participation in St. Louis tournament, at least partly, a return to chess? It is known that he played a couple of times in blitz tournaments before that. However, this time it will be rapid that is closer to the classic chess.

The Ethics Commission still has to consider the issue of his participation. Kasparov is suspended from chess activities for two years for corruption. His disqualification expires at the end of September this year.

- Kirsan Nikolaevich, how do you assess the situation with the development of chess in the world and particularly in Kazakhstan?

Chess is one of the popular sports now. I would not even call it a sport but human activity that is being revived around the world.

- Kirsan Nikolayevich, for the first time World Championships among men and women were held in the same place - in Khanty-Mansiysk. How do you assess the organization of the tournament?

Firstly, I would like to thank the Governor of Khanty-Mansiysk District Natalia Komarova. I met with her and we shared our impressions. I also would like to thank the President of the Ugra Chess Federation Vasily Filipenko for preparing, organizing and conducting the championship.

- Kirsan Nikolayevich, what are your impressions about the Moscow stage of FIDE Grand Prix?

The most important thing is that 18 strongest chess players are fighting to challenge Magnus Carlsen. There are no draws. I, as President of FIDE, am satisfied with the game and how it was organized. I dislike scandals and would rather see everything organized. Chess players’ goal is to win the Grand Prix and to get into the contenders tournament. After that they will fight for title of the World Champion.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov continues to bring the warring countries closer with the help of chess. Recently, he helped organize a tournament between chess players from Moldova and Transnistria. As a result, a combined Moldavian-Transnistrian team will attend the championship for school teams "White Rook" in Sochi.

Developing a positive experience, the FIDE President came to an agreement on holding a similar tournament with the leadership of South and North Korea.

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