- Why was the question of your non-participation in the next elections raised at Antalya?

It happened because some members of the Executive Board are very afraid of my re-election and try not to allow it. They made a statement: "Due to the fact that Ilyumzhinov is under US sanctions, the FIDE Executive Committee recommends that he refrain from nominating himself for the FIDE presidential elections."

Children's chess club was opened in the city of Elektrostal near Moscow. This happened with the participation of the Swiss charitable foundation "Education for Future Foundation". Its founder, Russian Anaida Schneider made a successful career in the Swiss banking sector.

Anaida talks about why she likes chess, and what role Kirsan Ilyumzhinov played in creating her foundation.

Oleg Komlev, as it turned out, is also an avid chess player. The famous Kaliningrad weightlifter is now working as a chess coach!

"Chess is my love since childhood," he admits. "I started playing when I was 10 years old. I played at home, school and took part in regional competitions. Eventually I started to play at the first adult level. While engaged in weightlifting, I played at training camps and then I taught all my pupils how to play chess."

- An FIDE Executive Board session took place in Antalya recently. Vice President Georgios Makropoulos and his support team recommended that you do not run for FIDE President in 2018. How do they justify their recommendations?

This is a political issue. The US Treasury included me in the sanctions list on November 25, 2015. The pretext was my trip to Syria, where I met with President Bashar Assad and brought them few chess sets.

- Kirsan Nikolayevich, what is your opinion on Kasparov's return to chess?

Back in 2002, he told me that he was going to quit chess. I asked: "Why? Even Korchnoi is still playing." He replied: "I'm too old now." Generally speaking, Kasparov was suspended from chess activities for two years and his disqualification expires on October 1. He was dismissed for corruption by the FIDE Ethics Commission.

- Kirsan Nikolayevich, may Azmaiparashvili be subject to penalties and sanctions if the Canadian grandmaster Kovalev lodges an official complaint?

We are talking about the ethical side of the issue. I would not like to make any statements since FIDE Ethics Commission is independent body. But purely humanly I don’t like this situation. We are players and whatever happens, we should always treat each other with respect.

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov expressed dissatisfaction with actions of Chairman of the organizing committee of the World Cup in Tbilisi and expressed his regret that such unpleasant situation has occurred.
Recall that Canadian chess player Anton Kovalev left the World Cup without playing in the third round match. The reason for the demarche was the aggressive actions of the head of the organizing committee Zurab Azmaiparashvili, who insulted Kovalev.

- Kirsan Nikolayevich, the World Chess Cup is your brainchild. Are you satisfied with its development? After all, any "parent" knows better than others both the best and worst aspects of his creation.

Only time can tell. In December 1995, at the FIDE presidential council in Singapore, I suggested holding a World Championship on a knockout system, which was later transformed into the World Cup.

- Kirsan Nikolaevich, what does World Chess Cup mean for you?

I founded this tournament in 1995 and allocated $5 million for it. At that time, it was called the "World Knockout Championship". Back then, the match system came to a deadlock because Kasparov had left (FIDE), created his own federation of professional chess players and held championships on his system. Later, he couldn’t find money.

- Kirsan Nikolayevich, scientists are increasingly calling us to seek a new place of residence in the vastness of the universe. The whole internet is actively discussing the approach of the end of the world. Do you think that this is a real threat to humanity?
Human civilization is tense and alert. The prominent businessmen, scientists and politicians are increasingly talking about "global threats", which can make our life a mess. We are urged to look for "answers to challenges" but the proposed methods for countering threats are more like a child's attempt to hide from the problems under the blanket.

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