A few days ago, Kirsan Nikolaevich told us that a fellow countrywoman, a graduate of MGIMO, Gilyana Lysenko wrote on his Instagram’s page:

“Hello, Kirsan Nikolaevich! In February of this year, I made a presentation about Kalmykia at the Let’s Talk MGIMO conference. I thought that maybe you would be interested to see it.”
Of course, it’s interesting! Kirsan Nikolaevich even asked her to allow us put this video on the Kirsan TV page. So you, dear readers, can also see this video on the main page of our site.


This week marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, after whose death, as Vladimir Putin said in 2008, "there is no one to talk to." On the eve of the anniversary of the man who achieved independence for India, Kommersant asked journalists, politicians, scientists and the military what they would talk to Mahatma Gandhi about.

Here is what the 1-st President of Kalmykia, the 6-th President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said:


In previous years, perhaps, not a single Russian region attracted such attention as Kalmykia. Frankly, the image of Kalmykia was inextricably linked with the image of the first person of the republic. It was with the election of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov that qualitative changes occurred not only in the economic and social spheres, but also in the image of Kalmykia.

Thanks to the political will and energy of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, several significant projects were implemented in this republic, which laid the foundation for a new image of Kalmykia.


For your information, ‘Sled’ (Trace) series, is the longest- running Russian TV series. Definitely, there is no one in our office who has not watched at least one episode. Moreover, I am convinced that among our readers there many fans of TV series about everyday life of the Federal Expert Service (FES). But we never heard from them. They just watch it on Channel 5 in the evenings and keep silent.

A murder is being investigated in in each new episode. Episodes are not interconnected, and you can start watching any episode you like and the plot will not be lost. At the beginning of each new detective story, there is a kind of prologue showing viewers what has happened before, and how it is connected with the crime without revealing who the perpetrators are. In general, each episode is about a single investigation and it runs for 45 minutes. It is very convenient for viewers who can watch only one episode without having to wait for the next one to see another piece of the plot.


As we already reported, on 27 March 2019, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov flew to Kalmykia for the anniversary celebrations of 50th anniversary of the Odn (Star) factory.  He worked as a fitter there for two years. “I went through a Soviet school and worked at a Soviet factory. I am a graduate of the Star factory. Every young man must undergo labour training. I am proud that I am a Soviet worker,” Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said. 

At the ceremony, Kirsan Nikolaevich was awarded the title “Honorary Worker of the Factory”.


Our colleagues from the chess-news website discuss a new film Anna directed by Luc Besson. We, of course, could not ignore it: after all, the film is to certain extend about chess. So let’s will watch it.

Another creation of Luc Besson. Action thriller with elements of a detective story, action, drama and comedy. But we doubt that the film makers may consider it comedy.

 Dashing plot, dizzying action.

Perhaps, only Monica Bellucci could be compared with our Russian top model Sasha Luss playing the role of Anna. Moscow in the ninetieth: bright, decorated, almost how it is today. Kuznetsky Most Street is a pedestrian street with a Coffee House and a tricolour flag hanging opposite.

A prime-time serial is on the Russia channel featuring a chess player, the fictional character Maria Lebedeva.  “A queen of chess, the world champion among women. Now she is ready to challenge men and fight with world-class grandmasters,” the serials’ authors said.

According to the chess-news website, the serial is certainly about chess, but there is little about the real life of chess players. It could be either bad or good depending on how you look at it. The show can be interesting to the fans of one of the most beautiful Russian actors Aglaia Shilovskaya, the protégé of Stanislav Govorukhin.
Here are some of the readers’ comments:


One day Kirsan Ilyumzhinov came to our "evening club". He sat, listened, drank a little and he liked it. I talked to him. He was then a deputy of the Supreme Council. I immediately liked him. He seemed a very interesting person. As they would say now, a creative one. Even in those times when everything around was boiling and seething and ideas were born every hour, he seemed to be an outstanding person. They called him a beginner millionaire. Of course, he was not a real millionaire. But does it matter? In my life, I have met only two people of this level of originality and inner freedom. One of them is Sungorkin, and the second is Ilyumzhinov.


An interesting interview with Natalia Opiok appeared on the website of the ally state on 12 June. The sculptor Natalia Opiok was born in Grodno and became famous for her works in both Russia and Belarus. aonorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, a member of the Union of Artists of Belarus, all these are only part of her titles.

Natalia Opiok's husband is a famous artist Alexey Parfenov. Alexey painted portraits of many politicians, such as Yevgeny Primakov, Sergei Naryshkin, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Patriarch Alexy II.


On 9 May, I was shocked to learn that Sergei Dorenko had died. I did not have the right words to express my feelings about his tragic death. Today, when the farewell ceremony takes place, I, unfortunately, will have to go on a business trip. Unfortunately, I could neither say last goodbye nor had I time to come...

But I still say it. Sergey Dorenko is one of the brightest people with whom I was lucky to communicate.

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