One day Kirsan Ilyumzhinov came to our "evening club". He sat, listened, drank a little and he liked it. I talked to him. He was then a deputy of the Supreme Council. I immediately liked him. He seemed a very interesting person. As they would say now, a creative one. Even in those times when everything around was boiling and seething and ideas were born every hour, he seemed to be an outstanding person. They called him a beginner millionaire. Of course, he was not a real millionaire. But does it matter? In my life, I have met only two people of this level of originality and inner freedom. One of them is Sungorkin, and the second is Ilyumzhinov.


An interesting interview with Natalia Opiok appeared on the website of the ally state on 12 June. The sculptor Natalia Opiok was born in Grodno and became famous for her works in both Russia and Belarus. aonorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, a member of the Union of Artists of Belarus, all these are only part of her titles.

Natalia Opiok's husband is a famous artist Alexey Parfenov. Alexey painted portraits of many politicians, such as Yevgeny Primakov, Sergei Naryshkin, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Patriarch Alexy II.


On 9 May, I was shocked to learn that Sergei Dorenko had died. I did not have the right words to express my feelings about his tragic death. Today, when the farewell ceremony takes place, I, unfortunately, will have to go on a business trip. Unfortunately, I could neither say last goodbye nor had I time to come...

But I still say it. Sergey Dorenko is one of the brightest people with whom I was lucky to communicate.

On April 25, in Beijing, President of the International Sugar Corporation (ISC) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Vice-President of the Chinese company Harkan Engineering Longhai Xu signed an agreement to build a plant in the village of Celina, which will become the largest in Russia. According to Ilyumzhinov, the construction of the plant will begin in September.

In mid-May, the Russian press almost in unison reported that the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska filed a lawsuit in Washington against the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury (OFAC) and its head, Steven Mnuchin. The businessman demands that the sanctions imposed on him be lifted.

Justifying his claims, Mr. Deripaska points out that “the sanctions against him are unfair and illegal, they cut him off from the global financial system, made his assets toxic, and also led to “the utter devastation of his wealth, reputation and economic livelihood.”


We have read a wonderful story, published by, about how an 8-year-old homeless boy from Nigeria became the champion of the state of New York. Garry Kasparov and Bill Clinton are now talking about him. About a week ago, eight-year-old refugee from Nigeria Tanitoluwa Adewumi became the New York State Chess Champion. Information about this first appeared in The New York Times and soon was reprinted by many of the largest non-chess publications.


The Russian chess player, international grandmaster, chess historian and journalist Dmitry Kryakvin commented at the Ekho Moskvy’s Opinion programme on Sagaalgan 2019 chess festival launched as a part of the Rapid Grand Prix of Russia 2019 in Ivolginsky Datsan.

Also, Dmitry Kryakvin told about the appearance of the Russian Ilyumzhinov as head of FIDE.

The young president of Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, was a member of a narrow circle of people who had the happy opportunity to constantly visit their famous fortune teller. Here is what Kirsan Nikolayevich remembers:

“Baba Vanga’s house in Petrich stood among the mountains with healing hot springs. People, waiting for their turn at the reception, treated their sores in these natural sources. Flowers grew everywhere there. Many of them were in pots on the veranda where she received people. She used to walk around the place and talk to every flower. Yes, and she also knew how to talk to animals. A dog stands in front of her, looks at her faithfully and listens attentively.


- When did you realize that you could not develop a career in “Spartacus” and it was time for a change?

- It happened when I had been a member of a backup team for four years, At the same time I was training as a first-team regular. Sometimes, I played in friendly matches, but I was already over twenty then, so I was looking for adult football and I wanted to play more. The offer from Elista’s "Uralan", which was headed by Sergey Pavlov, came very handy.


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