The degrading, impoverished life of the empire's republics, the blatant falsity of the law and the media, the arbitrariness and stupidity of the authorities that stood above the law, the inherent Antisemitism and national conceit all accelerated the ruin of the USSR. Indeed, if God wishes to punish a person He removes their rational abilities.  While Europe was in the process of dismantling its national borders and uniting its states we, according to a classic model, were busy setting fire to our former idols, and bowing to the ashes.

I remember the euphoria of those days. The radiant faces of people congratulating one another. It seems tha t only the Communists spoke out against what they considered to be inadmissible. But who cared about what they had to say at the time? The hitherto suppressed hatred of the people for the CPSU - which had trapped the country in a steel web of ideology and was used to giving commands and telling everyone how to live, what to eat, say and think - broke out and smashed down all barriers.


In March 2000, the Government of Kalmykia Air Defence, headed by President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov together with the Moscow based Marina Line launched the NOSTRAC transport corridor project linking Europe with the Middle East and Asia. It was reported that NOSTRAC should become a kind of alternative to the TRACECA project.

To optimize freight traffic, the developers of the NOSTRAC proposed establishing a ferry service between the Russian coast of the Caspian Sea and the coasts of Turkmenistan and Iran. The project provided for the development of a new ferry service. It was supposed to operate from the border of Kalmykia and Dagestan in Russia. Further, it would have linked Türkmenbaşy, formerly known as Krasnovodsk in Turkmenistan, and Amirabad in Iran. The value of the project investments was estimated at $ 2.5-3 billion.


"I believe in Russia's bright future. Russia, indeed, might become a real bridge between East and West," the Dalai Lama said in an interview with the Russian newspaper Kommersant in New Delhi after his first-ever joint conference with leading Russian neuroscientists and philosophers, adding that "Russians are a great nation."

 "I look at America and I hear a lot of criticism directed at the White House. Many who were in favour of Donald Trump are now against him. On the other hand, looking at Russia, I see many are advocating the fight against corruption, I think it was impossible during Stalin's time. Anyway, the changes will come, maybe not so fast as some would like. I believe in the great future of Russia, which is a country that could become a bridge between the East and the West," he said. 

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was present at the Moscow Rapid Chess Championship held on 2 September, 2012. One of the contestants, Vasily Papin, who wrote an open letter to Ali Nihat Yazici a few days ago, talked with FIDE president about the scandalous situation at the Istanbul Olympics with a denial of accreditation to Chess-News chief editor Yevgeny Surov.

Papin informed about the outcome of their talks on website. Ilyumzhinov confirmed that he was aware of this conflict, "which does not contribute to the festive atmosphere of the event." In this regard, FIDE president requested the Olympics organizing committee to accredit Surov. “Any decision made will be the decision of the organizing committee.”


Look at the memorable photo taken at the opening of the World Chess Championship in Lausanne in 1998. The match for the champion’s title was full of drama. It was the true culmination of the championship. In the first games, the rivals struck everyone with an incredible number of sacrificed pieces. In the sharpest Meran Variation of Semi-Slav Defence, Karpov amazed everyone by sacrificing a bishop for two pawns. He did it on the 17th move. Anand defended himself and the natural outcome of the game could be a draw.


The 14th Dalai Lama, at a meeting with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov on 24 August, 2018, said that the Russian people could become the leading nation in the world and make a great contribution to its transformation. In a recorded video message, the spiritual leader of the Buddhists also stated that he would like to revisit those places in the former USSR where he had been in childhood, adding that he was praying for his arrival in Russia.
The 14th Dalai Lama said: "Russian people can make a significant contribution to changing the world and Europe."


The world of business is vast, powerful, ever changing and fascinating. Join the business world and you will be utterly absorbed by it without a second to spare for  yourself.  Your head will become a whirl pool of telephone numbers, fax­ messages, prices, deals, percentages, production volumes and delivery dates. So during the rare hours of rest, you look at the world around you with surprise as though seeing it for the first time. So there is another life where people are not always in a hurry, but can go for walks or see a movie! You are transported back to the city of your childhood, contemplating something long forgotten. Then you remember that you once lived like this too. However, somewhere inside you, a bell starts ringing in alarm. Your internal clock is ticking away the seconds, and your heart thrills with excitement at a new beginning, while your soul thirsts for battle. So you again plunge into the world of figures, bank accounts, letters of credit and stock-exchange shares.


I could not understand why anyone should dictate their own terms to my homeland when, by law, Kalmykia was equal to every other republic. Kalmykia did not violate any law, Kalmykia did not infringe any constitutional norms, so everything else was the republic's own business.

I remember how we once received instructions from Moscow to switch to standardized winter and summer time. Dairymaids rose with the new clock and tried to milk their cows, but the cows would not give milk however hard the women tried. The animals refused to switch to Moscow time. They did not care a hoot about instructions from Moscow, or the messengers of these instructions, even if they were officers from the KGB itself.


lt was raining in Sofia. Our plane broke through the clouds and a bright blinding sun flashed over their dark-blue mass. I was flying to Russia thinking that in all probability it was true. The earth is enveloped in thin layer of human souls. Nothing can be lost in this world, be it our thoughts, desires or our spirit. Everything is stored in space. The academician Vernadsk, along with Teilhard de Chardin the Darwinian theologist called this invisible accumulator the sphere of reason. Other scientists define it as an all-penetrating vacuum and the Buddhist Kalmyks think of it as the great emptiness and nirvana where time flows both forwards and backwards.

Nothing disappears without a trace. Nothing. Every one will be summoned and called to account for his deeds...
Over the centuries Christianity, Islam and Buddhism have been guiding the world towards spiritual purification and thereby working towards the creation of a new man; A man who is far more spiritually pure than contemporary man.


Each living man is a riddle. We do not know ourselves until we try to govern others. While still not fully knowing our own value on this Earth, we encroach on the lives of the rest.

Neither economics nor politics can justify the oppression of human beings, the crushing of their delicate and complex inner worlds, their beliefs, principles, morals and spirit. However, those in power do try to destroy and influence. Without our willing it or even being aware' of it billions of cells live in each one of us. Why not use these cells against the people themselves? Each hair and molecule exists independent of our will, thoughts and feelings.

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