Kalmykia is the only region in Europe where Tibetan Buddhism is practiced. There are Buddhist temples surrounded by the usual high-rise buildings, national museums and the Stupa of Enlightenment. All these frames Ostap Bender Avenue (by the way, they want to rename it) and the chess aura of Kalmykia established by to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

In Kalmykia, there are many unusual and unique landmarks, for example, the Chernye Zemli reserve with the Manych-Gudilo salt lake and sand dunes near the village of Utta.


Recently, sixth President of FIDE, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, expressed a very interesting idea that the time has come for chess fans to unite in the International Union.

“Recently, I have been increasingly affirming the opinion that non-professional chess players and chess amateurs need their own international organization focused specifically on spreading chess and protecting the interests of amateurs. A kind of Union of Chess Lovers”.
No doubt, there are many questions. Why create a new organization and won't International Union of Chess Lovers duplicate certain functions of FIDE? I asked this question Kirsan Ilyumzhinov by phone. I quote his answer:


I was interested deeply in the First Olympiad. I lived in the same room with the president of the Ukrainian Chess Federation Ivan Byk. Today, all players ask for single rooms, but then I did not pay attention to comfort concentrating on playing. Then the FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov built Chess City for the Olympics in Elista. However, when we arrived nothing was ready. As a result, they reduced the number of tours. We played during weekends and we started late. We played in the building, where some repair work continued. However, when you are young, you don’t pay much attention to it.


Our readers paid attention to the new video appeal of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov appeared on our website. It is dedicated to the Day of Russia and its recent history. How it was. How it all started 30 years ago. Well, and as usual, there are no indifferent viewers of this video. We present to your attention several responses to this video appeal.

“Great performance, as always. So much memory and attention to events and details. As always I admire him. It is very interesting . ”
“Good afternoon, Kirsan N. Indeed, history will eventually put everything in its place: Who is right and who is wrong! This was the beginning of the collapse of the USSR and the beginning of the troubles of many Soviet people who instantly became foreigners in Russia. We destroyed our country and began to build a new one without any foundation. Laws did not exist, fixed assets were looted at voucher auctions.


The most original congratulation on the birthday of Alexander Pushkin is written by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. 

Pushkin influenced the fate of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. In 1979, then the 16-year-old Ilyumzhinov took part in three literary Olympiads dedicated to the Pushkin anniversary. And he was the winner of all three Pushkin Olympiads, eventually gaining the right to be admitted to the philological faculty of Moscow State University without exams.


The central Kalmyk khurul and the Save the Tibet Foundation presented the beautiful film Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni. You can watch it on www.kirsan.today. The film is beautifully made.  It is about the charms of Elista. 

Not so long ago, Forbes journalist Jared Ranahan called some cities in Russia underestimated. It’s interesting. But the most remarkable thing is that not a Russian, but a Western journalist draws our attention to the unclaimed tourist potential of such cities as Yekaterinburg, Murmansk, Elista, Pskov and Khabarovsk.
It is gratifying that among the largest economic, political and cultural Russian regional centres, the capital of Kalmykia, Elista, is also mentioned. And this is no coincidence.  Elista is the only city in Europe where there are so many Buddhist architecture, temples, and monuments.


Many remember the 3-year-old boy prodigy from “The Very Best” TV show. This boy played chess even at the age of three, and not just that but at the masters’ level.

When Misha was only two years old, he watched how dad and grandfather played chess with great interest. Father and grandfather noticed it and put the boy next to them, explaining him the rules of the game. That’s how he began to play. After a couple of months, dad and grandfather began to lose to Misha. No, they didn’t give in, he just beat them.


I am often asked whom do I admire apart from my parents? There are people who make you to follow them, listen, study and analyse their path and work. One of such people is Kirsan Nikolaevich Ilyumzhinov @kirsan_ilyumzhinov.

He is a man who always has his own point of view and who is able to unite millions of people around him. A month ago, he wrote a wise article, “In which world will we wake up tomorrow?” about the purification of nature from society and consequences of its activities. I have already posted my comment on this. But the main thing is that others have heard me, have joined and even intend to act together after quarantine ends.


Immediately after a post on our website, an email addressed to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was sent to us from Belgorod. We are happy to publish it.

“Dear Kirsan Nikolaevich! I read on your website that today it’s time to organize chess competitions over the Internet, and that you propose holding tournaments between countries and continents. What an interesting offer!


The famous Bulgarian screenwriter and director of the film "Vanga as a Person and Phenomenon" Stoyan Petrov said that a state of emergency was introduced in his country until 13 May.

Petrov was a friend and translator of clairvoyant Vanga. As it turned out, 25 years ago, the predictor knew that the “crown (Corona in Bulgarian – Ed.) would crush the world”.
Stoyan Petrov said: “Vanga often said that there will be epidemics or pandemics caused by either new or old viruses. Previously, she also predicted the death of the Bulgarian king.
By the way, I attended the meeting of Vanga and then a very young businessman Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. I was a translator at this meeting. Ilyumzhinov then came to consult with whom he should work, and Vanga told him that he would be twice president.


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