In principle, a great politician should be a villain, otherwise he will poorly manage society. A decent person in the role of a politician is like a sensitive steam engine or helmsman who declares his love while holding the steering wheel: the ship goes to the bottom.

Honore de Balzac
Khanty-Mansiysk. September 2010
On my first trip not related to basketball, I went to Khanty-Mansiysk for the Chess Olympiad. Before that, I covered exclusively tournaments with a ball, shield and tall people for 12 years. And then there was the FIDE presidential election. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Anatoly Karpov fought for the chair of the head of the International Chess Federation.


(The ending)

We wanted to hold an intercontinental tournament and applied to Bill Gates. And then we were told that there were still no programmes that millions of players can use simultaneously use. And my idea was to play country vs country and continent vs continent.
In a nutshell. Now everyone is sitting at home because of the pandemic. But everyone has chess. Everyone has phones, gadgets, and the Internet. I then proposed, and we even patented, the idea of ​​"collective chess." To determine which continent is smarter (joke): Europe or America? Or country: Russia or the USA?
For example, we announce: tomorrow, at 12 am, Russia is playing against the United States of America. Any citizen of Russia or the USA can take part in it, no matter if he/she plays well or badly. One hundred seconds is given to think over a move.



-Kirsan Nikolaevich, since you are a chess player, I suggest we play blitz now. You will have to answer my questions within three minutes. Is life worse or better in the twenty-first century than in the twentieth?
- Better of course. We are developing.
- What is freedom?

 - Freedom is when you are not dependent on anyone. This is the most important thing. Because, I repeat once again, we are socially dependent on others: relatives, loved ones, and the state. And you need to feel free. You will be happy once you are free.

- What is your main flaw?


-You visited Tehran many times recently. You admitted it in Twitter.
-I have been there ten or fifteen times in the last three months. The last time I was there just a week before they introduced quarantine. I met with the leadership of Iran and they expressed concern about the lack of medicines. Then they turned to the government of the Russian Federation and to other countries for help.
But only Russia responded and sent equipment and medicines.


On 30 March, first president of Kalmykia, sixth FIDE president gave an interview to Evgeny Surov, chief editor of the Chess News ( We share a text version of this interview here.

- We are trying to understand how and why our world has changed. And I cannot imagine a more suitable interlocutor on these issues than Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. The most common question people are now asking is: where are you?
-I am self-isolating at home. A non-working week began, but already a week ago, I stopped all contacts. You know that it is very difficult for me: I usually visit many countries and have hundreds of meetings... But a week ago, I clearly decided: no meetings. And now I am at home alone, doing sports, boosting my immune system with ginger, garlic, tea, and lemon. I am doing 20 km a day, practice yoga and solve chess puzzles.


Paintings of Alexei Parfyonov convey many meanings, worlds, themes, techniques, questions and portals ... The artist told Elena Vyshinskaya how he formed his creative manner and about his school of paint called Energytism .

- A person is responsible for the energy carried through him. The world is one, and man cannot be abstracted from this force. The era of Homo sapiens ends.


We have already reported that the statue of Lama Tsongkhapa, kept in Mongolia for two and a half centuries, is to be sent for temporary storage to Kalmykia. It is said that Lama Tsongkhapa statue, which is made of pure silver, emanates a glow sometimes.

Kalmyk scientist Gennady Korneev told us about the very engaging and unusual history of this relic.


The removal of Russia from participation in major international sports competitions is only part of the coordinated policy of the West in relation to our country, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov believes. The sixth president of FIDE offers his own view of the problem.

- Kirsan Nikolaevich, as you know, the World Doping Agency (WADA) recommended that Russia be removed from participation in major international competitions for the next four years. The IOC supported this decision, which means that our sportsmen will again be banned from playing under the Russian flag. What do you think about it?

Why is our country returning to the Black Continent and why do these plans sometimes provoke an inadequate reaction? The Russia-Africa Summit, held in Sochi on 23-24 October, excited both participants and observers. The forum was attended by more than 40 leaders of African states, 120 ministers from different countries, representatives of the USA, Great Britain, France, Australia and Canada. Together with representatives of African and Russian business, the summit brought together over six thousand participants.

In May 2018, the sixth FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said: “chess has a beneficial effect on the psyche, and on the moral and physical condition of a person. People over 50 are strongly advised to play chess at least for half an hour. Chess is the only way against memory aging. Recently, we met with 96-year-old Yuri Lvovich Averbakh. He works, teaches children how to play chess and conducts lessons via the Internet. Many chess players live for a very long time,” concluded Ilyumzhinov.

In confirmation of these words, we offer our readers an interview with the great chess player Yuri Lvovich Averbakh.
Yuri Averbakh: “The secret of my longevity is chess”


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