On June 11, the official Moscow championship among children's chess teams with classical time control (45 minutes for each player + 30 seconds for each move) ended. 43 teams took part in the championship.

In the younger age group (up to 11 years old), the fight for the first place was very dramatic. The championship’s gold won the team of the Kurchatov school, which included 6-year-old Roman Shogdzhiev (whose coach was Mr Sarangov). Roman scored 6 points out of 7, making a significant contribution to the team victory.
First President of Kalmykia, Sixth FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov wished the young chess player good luck and new victories: “In April 1993, one of the first decrees that I signed was about supporting chess in our republic. Later, at FIDE, we created the Chess in Schools programme.

On the morning of June 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin flew to Geneva, where the Russia-US summit will soon take place. Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden will meet in Geneva. Let me remind you that the presidents of Russia and the United States do not meet very often. The last time Vladimir Putin met with American President Donald Trump was in July 2017, when the heads of state talked face to face for two hours instead of the planned 30 minutes. And there have been no direct exchanges of visits since 2013. It is not surprising that the meeting in Geneva is of keen interest.

The upcoming summit has been compared to the first meeting of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev with President Ronald Reagan in Geneva in November 1985. The Swiss summit was followed by Reykjavik, which marked the "beginning of the end" of the Cold War and the arms race. At least on the part of the Soviet Union.

Literally a week before Africa Day (May 25), NTV aired the premiere of the Tourist film, which caused enthusiastic responses from the viewers. The film was made very professionally, and the actors did their best. But, in my opinion, its value lies somewhere else.

This is almost a documentary film about a team of Russian military advisers who found themselves at the epicentre of an attempted coup in the Central African Republic. But the film is not an action thriller as such, although there are enough battle scenes in it. This is a story about how Russian soldiers oppose an attempt to destroy another country under the pretext of "democratization". It is the essence of the film for me. And the fact that the action takes place in Africa only adds to its relevance.
I noticed that some critics have already started to repeat the old mantra: “Well, why should we be there in the first place?” They have been trying to poison our society with similar questions for a long time. Yes, our country is always aiding states and peoples, protecting them from destruction by ill-wishers. But Africa is a special story.

13.06.2021 Elena Borisovna Pokaninova passed away. For me, this news came as a real shock. It is impossible to believe that Lena, whom I knew from childhood, whose positive energy and kindness had no boundaries, left this world like that.

Elena Borisovna, Lena, during the years when I was the head of Kalmykia, she worked as my adviser for international cooperation and public relations. She travelled all over the republic. She helped compatriots, actively participated in their lives.
Lena loved to study and has always studied. And she generously gave all her knowledge to people. Lately she taught at MGIMO, was engaged in many social activities.
But today, when she is not with us, I want to say only one thing: I will miss her very much. All of us who knew her will miss her smile, infectious laughter, wonderful ideas aimed at improving this world, the life-giving positive energy that she radiated.

Tomorrow, June 12, our country will celebrate a big holiday, the Day of the Russia’s sovereign statehood’s revival. This holiday unites all of us because of sincere and selfless love for the Motherland.

I often remember how I (a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Russia) created the new politics faction Smena a quarter of a century ago. Its members were Alexander Pochinok, Boris Nemtsov, Alexander Lyubimov, Ilya Konstantinov, Alexander Politkovsky and other wonderful, freedom-loving politicians and journalists.
It was our faction that initiated the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the RSFSR, which was adopted on June 12, 1990, amid a difficult political struggle (with a margin of only four votes).

According to the New York Times, the Pentagon examined the evidence of UFOs and did not find any alien footprint in these phenomena. The Pentagon report will be presented to the public on June 25. However, it will not apparently have any effect on public opinion: both those who believe in aliens and those who do not will hold to their belief. The reason is that these phenomena are observed throughout the history of humankind. Legendary BBC journalist Seva Novgorodtsev writes about this in his blog:

“From time to time we witness unexplained phenomena. This does not mean that the inexplicable should be rejected just because it cannot be reproduced in the laboratory.

I remember how I had to interview a naval sailor, captain of the first rank, commander of the nuclear submarine base of the Northern Fleet. He wrote reports to his superiors about the UFOs, which distracted the personnel and generally prevented it from fulfilling its duty and obligation to defend the homeland.

“How can you”, I said to the captain, “a man with a higher education and great military experience believe such nonsense?” "And what shall I believe," he answered, "if they really fly!"

I remember another interview with the former President of Kalmykia and the head of the FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who spoke about his meeting with the inhabitants of a flying saucer. He recalls it as a dream, or maybe not quite a dream, but there are witnesses that for some time Ilyumzhinov disappeared from a locked Moscow apartment on the 7th floor.

On June 7, Moscow Buddhists performed an unusual ritual - the destruction of the Bhaishajyaguru (Medicine Buddha) mandala at the Moscow office of the Russian Buddhist traditional sangha. It was aimed at quickly healing all the sick and especially those who are struggling with COVID-19.

In the centre of the mandala, there is a palace made of gold, silver, white and red pearls and a Vaidurya stone (Buddhists believe that its radiance is capable of expelling diseases). It is adorned with precious stones, which, according to the Tibetan Canon of Medicine, "pacify 404 diseases." And inside there is a throne on which the Medicine Buddha himself sits in monastic robes. In his left hand he holds a bowl with a healing plant myroblan - a symbol of a medicine for all diseases of the soul and body.

On June 6, we celebrated the birthday of the great Russian poet - Alexander Pushkin. The date, albeit not round, but very beautiful - the poet was born 222 years ago. In the famous Monument poem, Alexander Pushkin wrote truly prophetic verses: "... The rumour about me will spread throughout the whole of Russia, // And every language in it will call me. // And the proud grandson of the Slavs, and the Finn, and now wild // Tungus, and a friend of the steppes Kalmyk."

Each generation of Kalmyks considers Pushkin to be their contemporary developing its own personal communication with the poet. In Kalmykia, Pushkin's influence is noticeable in all forms of art without exception. They write poems about him, create pictures, stage performances, and dedicate concerts to him. Pushkin has long been actively translated into the Kalmyk language.

On June 4, Moscow hosted a meeting of the first President of Kalmykia, sixth President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov with the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Russia Onur Ahmed Onur. The parties discussed implementation of joint economic and humanitarian projects and an agenda for Ilyumzhinov's upcoming working visit to Sudan.

The parties noted broad opportunities for comprehensive and mutually beneficial cooperation, including economic and humanitarian projects.
Sudan is traditionally an important market for Russian companies. Back in 2019, Mr Onur Ahmed Onur said that Russia should be present in Africa as one of the superpowers: “Today, many countries are working in Sudan, but Russia, a powerful large country, is poorly represented there, although we greatly respect your working methods and we want to jointly develop not only business, but also educational projects and developing humanitarian ties."

June 3 is a most filled holiday! The most filled day with all kinds of holidays is June 3! I had never even heard of many of them before. I am announcing the entire list, almost complete:

• Love Conquers All Day
• World Bicycle Day
• Birthday of the parachute
• Day of remembrance of snow
• Insect Repellent Awareness Day
• World Clubfoot Day
• Impersonate Authority Day
• National Moonshine Day, USA
• National Egg Day, USA
• National Chocolate Macaroon Day, USA
• National Repeat Day, USA
• National Itch Day, USA

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