Vladimir Putin Will Present Chess Sets to the Holders of State Awards

"The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on behalf of the State, will soon be presenting award winners with new souvenirs: chess sets," wrote the newspaper 'Moskovsky Komsomolets'. Until now, the Head of State has mostly given writing sets or watches.
According to a new memo from the Internal Manager Affaires of the Russian President, chess sets will now appear in the list of commemorative gifts. Chess pieces will be made in green and red porcelain to resemble the heroes of ancient Russian history.
The 'Premium' Chess sets will be packaged in a special souvenir box, which depicts the Kremlin and the nation's coat of arms on its cover. Other awards will take the form of cups and saucers in unusual shapes and colours, showing views of Russia and its famous attractions as its patriotic theme.

Also among the gifts, there will be mugs and teapots in the style of the famous artist, Malevich. It is worth noting that they have already been presented to the presidents of several countries. Some lucky ones will receive a replica of an Imperial porcelain vase from the hands of Vladimir Putin.