Belarus launches the programme ‘Chess in Schools’

On October 29, the programme ‘Chess in Schools’ was launched in Belarus. Primary school pupils will be taught chess skills.

"After the meeting between the head of state Alexander Lukashenko and the President of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, it was suggested that chess would be implemented as subject in public schools. More than 440 teachers were trained to teach the children chess as an optional programme for 29 hours per academic year," said the Deputy Minister of Education of Belarus Viktor Yakzhik.

"Afterwards, after mastering the chess skills, children would consciously join the specialized organizations. The world experience of teaching chess exists. Pedagogical and psychological science proved its positive impact. Chess training helps to develop such qualities as caution and estimation and, on the other hand, assertiveness and the ability to take risks, to win and lose," said Yakzhik.
The programme was launched in the Minsk secondary school No. 24. The representatives of schools from all regions of the country came to the capital to get chess sets. The Ministry of Sports and Tourism, the National Olympic Committee and the President's Sports Club obtained more than 300 chess sets for children.
In addition, the programme ‘chess as the compulsory education’, developed by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Belarus Chess Federation and the Republican centre of Olympic training in chess and checkers, is being carried out in Belarus for quite some time now.