North Ossetia supports the initiative of the President of FIDE

The Ministry of Education of North Ossetia has approved the idea of ​​introducing chess lessons in elementary school. According to the head of the Ministry Irina Azimova, "the country will move in this direction."

"We are working on the issue. The curriculum should be revised to integrate the chess lessons. We have players who work with children in the Pravoberezhny district. We are monitoring the situation with the help of specialists to develop a plan and take the appropriate steps," said Azimova.

Recall that the idea to include chess as a compulsory school subject belongs to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Recently, the initiative of the President of FIDE was supported by the member of the Russia’s Federation Council Vadim Tyulpanov, who had sent a respective letter to the Minister of Education of Russia Olga Vasilyeva.