Ilyumzhinov visits the Vanga Museum

On March 14, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov made a private visit to Bulgaria. There he visited the grave of the prophetess Vanga in the city of Petrich and the museum named after her. Petar Stoyanov, a former employee of the Bulgarian Trade Mission in Russia, who once worked as an interpreter for Vanga, accompanied the President of FIDE.

By the way, Ilyumzhinov brought a national Kalmyk women's costume as a gift to the museum as well as a ribbon of the Honorary Citizen of the Republic of Kalmykia.

Let us recall that the Bulgarian clairvoyant and Ilyumzhinov were tied by warm friendly relations. In 1994, he signed a decree granting Vanga the title of Honorary Citizen of the Republic of of Kalmykia "for a special role in the renewal of Kalmykia and the awakening of spiritual forces in the path of goodness and progress."