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 Ilyumzhinov confirms his intention not to resign

Ilyumzhinov confirms his intention not to resign

Dear chess friends,

Since yesterday I have been receiving many messages in all kinds of forms from the national chess federations, representatives of mass media and business circles, chess players and chess fans regarding my alleged resignation. In this connection I would like to state the following: As you know, I received my present mandate in 2014 in Tromsø, Norway, with the support of 110 national chess federations. According to the FIDE Statutes the next election will be held during the FIDE General Assembly in 2018 in Batumi, Georgia.

I intend to work the full period of my term and do not see any reason to have an extraordinary board meeting as I think that we need to do real work instead of wasting money of FIDE for an unnecessary meeting. We have many tasks to be done now and in the future for the sake of chess.

I am convinced that we have done much and have come along a big and thorny path. But we also have more tasks to be done, and our joint road, despite the large number of difficulties and trials, will lead us to success and brilliant solutions to all the challenges that life has put before us. The main thing is to believe and not to lose optimism.

The main thing to remember - We are one family, together we will win.

Gens una sumus! We are one family!

Sincerely yours,

FIDE President

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov