Ilyumzhinov Holds the Press Conference in Lviv

As reported, the President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov visited Lviv on 18th of June.  The purpose of the visit was to assess the possibility of holding the match for the title of the female World Chess Champion in this city.
"I congratulate you all on behalf of the Presidential Council of the World Chess Federation, uniting 186 countries, and once again congratulate the new World Champion Maria Muzichuk who in a hard struggle won the title of the best female chess player in the world," - said Ilyumzhinov to reporters.

"I want to thank the FIDE President that he has found time and came here to support the idea of holding the tournament in Lviv”, in turn, noted Maria Muzichuk.  “We have many grandmasters and chess fans, besides the Lviv Chess School is known worldwide.  I really desire that the match will be held here so that people would come, support and love chess even more. "
At the end of the press conference, the head of FIDE presented the city the set of chess pieces and the board on which the Indian and Norwegian grandmasters played at the World Chess Championship, and was in return presented  with the yellow-blue charm bracelet, the commemorative coin of King Daniel and the ancient ABC-book printed by Ivan Fedorov  in 1574.
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