Ilyumzhinov’s Cup Tournament Finishes in Suzdal

On August 23rd, in Suzdal (Vladimir region), the ‘Vladimir Open 2015’, 15th festival of sports and puzzle games ended. It included the Ilyumzhinov Cup tournament, celebrating Kirsan Nikolayevich’s 20 years as the President of FIDE.

The festival’s chess competition featured the international GM, Dmitry Andreikin from Ryazan, who won the blitz in the Swiss-system tournament of 87 participants, with a 100% result (nine points out of nine). Andreikin is one of the best blitz players in the world. He became the Champion of the first Russian blitz tournament in 2011 and has successfully played in World Championships.

Второе испытание предстояло посерьезнее: гандикап-турнир (157 участников) в 9 туров по швейцарской системе с суровым регламентом – 22 минуты в сумме на партию обоим соперникам, которые перераспределялись между ними в зависимости от рейтинга. The second test was more difficult: a handicap tournament of 157 participants with 9 rounds of Swiss-system and tough regulations - 22 minutes per game for both opponents, distributed between them according to their rating.
As a result, Andreikin, who had the highest rating amongst all the competitors, received from 3 to 8 minutes and his opponent, from 14 to 19 minutes per the party. In such a variable and meandering time limit, the Ryazan grandmaster won six games, drew two, lost one, scored seven points out of nine possible and according to the additional ratings, was awarded the 4th place.