Head of FIDE meets with the management of Fashion TV

On December 1 in Moscow, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov met with director of Fashion TV Alona Fishbein and director of public relations Maria Lisowski. The parties discussed cooperation between Fashion TV and Kirsan Foundation on joint projects.
Fashion TV is an international satellite and cable TV channel about fashion, lifestyle and celebrity. The channel broadcasts around the world and has two versions: Russian and international.

Fashion TV is the only 24-hour international television channel dedicated solely to fashion, beauty and style. The audience of the channel is more than 350 million viewers. It is broadcasted in 7 million public places around the world. There is something to watch: plenty of shows of the latest fashion collections, programmes about makeup and stylish hairstyles, parties, photos and videos of models accompanied by excellent music.
The motto of TV channel is "Beauty will save the world". Ilyumzhinov paraphrased it: "The world will be saved by beauty and intelligence". It is difficult not to agree with this conclusion.