Head of FIDE congratulates Kalmyk composer and singer Arkady Mandzhiev

Dear Arkady Naminovich! I heartily congratulate you on your birthday. Today is a real celebration day for all lovers of wonderful Kalmyk songs. You made so many people happy by listening to your beautiful music.

Your songs will always be popular; they are listened to and played not only in our native Kalmykia, but also in many countries of the world. You have written hundreds of songs, many of which have already become nationwide success.

Everyone, who has ever made himself familiar with your creative work, amazes the power and depth of your talent. The art of expressing love to your native land and people through music is the key to your success.
You are a true master; your creativity has already become an integral part of the Cultural Golden Fund not only of Kalmykia, but of all Russia. I wish you were always accompanied by enthusiasm and applause of the fans of your talent.
With all my heart, I wish you good health and further professional success. Let there always be close friends around you. I wish happiness and prosperity to your family and friends!