Kirsan Ilyumzhinov celebrates the Tsagan Sar holiday

On February 19, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov visited Moscow Buddhist Centre, where he congratulated the lamas and his staff on the coming Tsagan Sar holiday. As is known, Tsagan Sar was recognized as a national holiday in Kalmykia.

On the first day of the first lunar month, each Kalmyk family greets with joy the long-awaited spring – the giver of new hopes and new beginnings. The name of the holiday is translated as "happy white month".

The Kalmyks associate white colour with all that is pure, bright and good. There is even a wish: "I wish you a white road" which means good luck.
It is believed that with the advent of spring, a new life awakens in the world, on the threshold of which there should be no obstacles to good deeds. It is no coincidence that Tsagan Sar is associated with the name of the goddess Okon Tengri, who is called the divine mother, saving the universe, and the conqueror of ferocious demons. The monks of Kalmykia address to her and other deities during several days of the celebration of Tsagan Sarah, preserving and continuing the unique centuries-old Kalmyk traditions.
On February 20, Ilyumzhinov met in Moscow with the chairman of the local Buddhist religious organization "The Light of the Buddha’s Teaching" Sergei Samyanov and its founder Oleg Kadzhinov.