Reuters apologized to Ilyumzhinov for accusing him of ties with IS and Assad

Reuters apologized to FIDE head Kirsan Ilyumzhinov for a publication about his ties with the terrorist organization Islamic State (banned in the Russian Federation) and alleged support of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Reporter of Sport24.ru Grant Getadaryan was informed about it by Ilyumzhinov together with representative of Kirsan and Associates Gor Muradyan and the manager of law firm W Legal Nigel Kushner.

"We won all the cases. Reuters has already apologized to us," Ilyumzhinov said.
Muradyan, in turn, clarified that the case did not reach the court and everything was settled in a pre-trial order. "The UBS bank did not freeze FIDE accounts. The Week newspaper requested to settle the case in a pre-trial order. Reuters changed the article and apologized," Muradyan said.
According to Kushner, the purpose of the publications was "to attack Ilyumzhinov." "We think that certain people from FIDE published false statements about Kirsan Ilyumzhinov in order to attack him. However, we provided evidence to the contrary. We filed claims for hundreds of thousands of dollars as a compensation for erroneous information published.
I would like to emphasize Reuters staff competencies. They quickly made edits. I think that Mr Ilyumzhinov should thank them for their professionalism and competent attitude in the current situation," Kushner said.