Next Media Group thanks Ilyumzhinov for his contribution to the promotion of chess

The head of FIDE received a thank-you letter from the Next Media Group. It reads as follows:

"Dear Kirsan Nikolaevich! On behalf of the Next Media Group, which includes Europe Plus TV and M-1 Global TV channels; technology company WildRed, providing a software solutions for Smart TV; a group of telecom operators and on my own behalf, I express my sincere gratitude for your significant contribution to the development and promotion of chess.

Your work as President of FIDE creates a lot of opportunities for modern chess school and its development and raises the prestige of chess as a sport to a new level in the world!

The educational projects, promoted by you, are of great importance for preserving and strengthening Russia's human potential in the field of the world’s economics and technology, which is an integral part of the current development course of the country.
In addition, as a result of the diversity and variety of work for chess development conducted by you, it becomes possible to unite the world expert community from different fields and with completely different views, which allows to effectively discuss many issues of global significance.
Next Media Group wishes you victory in the next FIDE presidential elections in 2018; we believe that it will certainly benefit the world social progress."
The letter was signed by the Managing Partner of the Next Media Group V. Kamnev