FIDE President congratulates Vladimir Kramnik

On 25 June, the 14th World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik turned 43 years old. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said to Kommersant reporter:
"I want to congratulate the most outstanding chess player of our time, Vladimir Kramnik. He is one of the few champions who have achieved the title of the best chess player of the planet. First, he won against Garry Kasparov in the newly created PCA, and then, he defeated FIDE World Champion Veselin Topalov in a unification match in Elista in 2006.

I also appreciate the fact that Vladimir did not shut himself up and still promotes chess. At my request, he opened his school at the gifted children centre in Sirius, Sochi and, using his personal experience, helps young chess players. I wish him good health and creative success. Although currently, chess players start playing at young age and the twenty-year-olds are already fighting for the world crown, Kramnik remains one of the best chess players. Thus, I want to wish him to become the world champion once again."
The head of FIDE also sent a congratulatory letter to Vladimir Kramnik. The letter reads as follows:
"Dear Vladimir Borisovich! Please accept my most cordial congratulations on your birthday! In addition to all the kind words and warm wishes, I wish you always enjoy the respect and support of friends and love of relatives.
There are many bright moments in your chess career. You have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to be in control of any situation and act appropriately in the most difficult circumstances. Your skill and will to win are an example for the young generation of chess players.
You devoted all of your life to chess; you have always been dedicated to this noble game and have made a significant contribution to the promotion and development of the chess world. Your brilliant chess career, high professionalism, modesty and tactfulness serve as an example for all chess players.
Please allow me to wish you, dear Vladimir Borisovich, happiness, prosperity, and good health to you and your family for many years to come! "