FIDE head congratulates chess players on International Chess Day

Dear friends! I congratulate all of you on the occasion of the International Chess Day! The International Chess Federation (FIDE) was established on 20 July, 1924. Since 1966, this day officially became a worldwide chess holiday.

Today, 600 million people play chess on the planet, and the task I have set is to increase the number of players to one billion. "One billion smart people" is our main slogan.

Why is it so essential? The fact is all wars, conflicts, financial and political crises happen not because of lack of money, gold, oil or gas. They occur because states and entire political systems are often ruled by short-sighted people who accidentally fell into politics.
If the critical mass of smart people increases, then the likelihood that smart people will become members of parliaments, mayors, presidents and kings will escalate. I am sure; this is the only way to make the life on our planet better and safer.
Chess is an amazing combination of sports, games, science and art. This is an effective tool not only for intellectual development but also for moral education. Chess develops self-organization skills, the ability to navigate in a rapidly changing environment. It instills a sense of responsibility for everything we do in this life.
I wish all chess players and lovers of this ancient game success in all life undertakings, good health, brightest victories and high achievements!

President of the International Chess Federation
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov