Head of FIDE congratulates all chess players on International Cat Day


On 8 August, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov congratulated all chess players on the International Cat Day. The congratulation reads as follows:
"I congratulate all chess players and fans of the ancient game on International Cat Day, which is celebrated at the initiative of the International Fund for Animal Welfare. I appeal to all who loves furry homestayers, to those who care about the fate of the little tigers that bring fun into our lives. I know that there are few people on the planet who do not care for these graceful, mobile, affectionate and very intelligent creatures.

This celebration brings together millions of cat owners around the world. Therefore, I really wish people to pay more attention to the problem of homeless cats and cats.
Many great people loved cats. Writers and poets, scientists and artists, artists and musicians. And, of course, chess players. We remember that the beloved cat of the great grandmaster Alexander Alekhine was called Chess.
A remarkable poet Joseph Brodsky once observed that "cats are the only animals that move gracefully."
Let all cats and kittens of the world be healthy; let all cats have good owners, and let those cats who like to live free have a friendly and safe environment. I wish that the tenderness, affection and purring of your favorite pet cat always gives you strength, confidence and inspiration."