Kirsan Ilyumzhinov expressed his condolences to the family of USSR People's Artist Iosif Kobzon

On 30 August, Joseph Davidovich Kobzon died in Moscow at the age of 81. The head of FIDE sent a telegram with condolences to relatives and friends of USSR and Kalmykia People's Artist, State Duma deputy Iosif Davidovich Kobzon. The full text of the telegram is below:

"We will never forget the great singer, the patriot of Russia, whose songs inspired many generations of Russians. Joseph Kobzon became a symbol not only of Soviet and Russian art. Joseph Kobzon is a symbol of an era.

His unbending will, courage and incredible talent will be remembered by all who mourn for him today. I am confident that our children and grandchildren will listen to songs by Joseph Davidovich as we do and will learn from how to devote themselves to the Motherland and how to love it.
Iosif Davidovich had many titles and awards. I am proud that among his many regalia, he also bears the title of Kalmykia People's Artist, which the wonderful singer received in 2007.
A great son of Russia passed away. The bright memory of this man will always live in my heart. I grieve with you."