FIDE President congratulates teachers, students and parents on the beginning of the new academic year


On 1 September, celebrations of the beginning of the new academic year were held in educational institutions of Russia. The academic year begins in Moscow schools on 3 September. The head of FIDE congratulated teachers, students and parents with The Day of Knowledge.
"On the Day of Knowledge, I wish new discoveries for students, creative successes for teachers and the joy of their children's success for parents. Today, I feel special pride that a new subject - chess will be introduced in schools this year," Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said.

"Our whole life is a learning process. We learn ourselves and we try to teach others. We keep a good memory of our teachers and we are grateful to them for their kindness and for everything they taught us," Ilyumzhinov said.
"I am glad that new subjects will be introduced in Russian schools from 1 September: astronomy and chess. Chess will be a compulsory subject for primary school students and a part of the supplementary education programme for middle classes. I am confident that learning chess will help students improve their academic performance in all subjects," FIDE President stressed.