FIDE Head congratulates Ataman of Kalmykia Cossack army on anniversary

On 3 September, Erdni Manzhikov, Kalmykia Cossack’s Ataman of the Great Don Army marked his 50th anniversary. FIDE President sent his congratulations to Ataman. The full text of the letter is below:

"Dear Erdni Nikolaevich! I sincerely congratulate you on your 50th birthday! I wish you, a decent, kind, sympathetic person and a true patriot of Kalmykia and Russia, always be the same and bring joy and help to family and friends!

Every day, you prove loyalty to the Cossacks, selfless devotion to your Motherland and its people. By your example, you inspire the Cossacks in the cause of the revival and formation of the Cossacks!
Let your activity always be a vivid example of service to the native land. I wish you the implementation of all your plans as an Ataman, wisdom and determination in upholding the interests of the Cossacks, who sincerely believe in you and value your work for the benefit of the army.
I wish you good health, strong spirit and all the best! I wish you and your relatives prosperity, welfare and well-being! Happy anniversary!"