Head of FIDE receives a Certificate of Honour from Ukrainian chess fans

On 20 September, the honorary Certificate of Gratitude from Ukrainian chess fans was delivered to the Moscow office of FIDE President. Its wording is as follows: "For the active participation in organizing the game MASS CHESS - Battle for Cherkassy and setting of the National Record of Ukraine."

On 15 September, as we reported earlier, a collective chess online game "Battle for the City" (Mass Chess) took place in Cherkassy during the celebration of the Day of the City.

We called Kirsan Nikolayevich and asked him to comment on this mass chess online game. Here's what he said:
"First of all, I want to thank my Ukrainian friends for their expression of gratitude. As for Mass Chess, this is a wonderful and very promising idea. This is a kind of game where two teams can play chess simultaneously (Whites and Blacks).
Additionally, the number of team players is not limited. Using the mobile application all participants vote for the next move, which was made in accordance with majority vote. Well, of course, there were prizes and winners. As far as I know, they made this game very entertaining in Ukraine. They set up a large chessboard in the centre of Cherkassy with living pieces. The game was broadcasted on the big screen."