Kalmykia holds anniversary celebrations dedicated to virtuoso of folk dance

On 1 and 2 December, ceremonies were held in Kalmykia in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Honoured Artist of Russia, Kalmykia and Chechnya, Honoured Artist of Kalmykia, Chevalier of the Order of Friendship, Hero of Kalmykia, artistic director of Kalmykia’s State Dance Theatre ‘Oiraty’, winner of All-Russian and international awards and competitions Petr Nadbitov.

 On 2 December, jubilee evening of Petr Nadbitov with the participation of invited professional creative teams of Russia took place in Oirat-Arena.

The first president of Kalmykia and the sixth president of FIDE, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, congratulated Petr Timofeevich Nadbitov on his jubilee. Congratulations read as follows:
“Dear Peter Timofeevich!
I cordially congratulate you on your 80th anniversary! You are an unsurpassed master of folk dance and a living legend of choreographic art in Russia. It is difficult to list all your regalia and awards, it is impossible to tell about all your achievements in art. But one thing is always the same - you, like no one else, constantly please us with outstanding and original performances of Oiraty ensemble, each time revealing the magical world of Kalmyk folk dance to us.
The genre of folk dance that you represent is relevant at all times. Your work, to which you have devoted more than 60 years of your life, is original and unique. This is a truly national art, distinguished by its uniqueness and great love for Kalmyk dance culture. It is not by chance that the popular magazine “Ballet” called you a “knight of folk dance” in 2016. You not only managed to create your own theatre, you, being a real Master, created a new look at national choreography that connects the past with the present. Each dance you perform on stage is a colourful and lively story, a page of the history of Kalmyk people. That is why you have gained worldwide fame as the master of national choreography, an outstanding dancer, a talented choreographer, mentor and teacher.
The glorious history of such popular dance groups as the State Ensemble of Song and Dance "Tulip" and Kalmykia’s State Dance Theatre ‘Oiraty’ is connected with your name. These illustrious groups won the love of spectators not only in their native republic and other Russian regions, but also in Canada, the USA, Greece, India, Belgium, France, Taiwan, Spain and Italy. Today, as many years ago, every performance of your legendary company attracts attention. Spectators admire the exceptional colour of unique Kalmyk culture.
Thanks to you, such choreographic pearls as “Cranes”, “Tovshur of Derbet”, “Dance of the Hare”, “Keeda”, “Ishkimdyk”, “Chicherdyk” entered the golden fund of Kalmyk dancing art. The big event of the cultural life of our republic was the musical and choreographic performances “A Friend of the Steppes - Kalmyk” and “The Great Silk Road”.
Your creative activity, initiative and energy contribute to the identification of talented children, their professional orientation, as evidenced by the opening of a children's choreographic school at Kalmykia’s State Dance Theatre ‘Oiraty’.
I want to express my sincere respect and admiration for your many years of creative work, to thank you for your skill and talent and your invaluable contribution to the development of choreographic art and the national culture of Kalmykia.
I wish you new creative successes, good health, and further fruitful activity for the benefit of the national art!”