Ilyumzhinov in Tehran: Day Two

On 10 December, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov continued to hold important business and friendly meetings in Tehran. Thus, the sixth FIDE President met with the participants of the Iranian women's chess team. Kirsan Nikolaevich told Iranian chess players and FIDE masters about the beautiful Aisa, a blogger from Kalmykia, who challenged them to play a friendly chess game. The chess match to be viewed in real time on Instagram has aroused great interest among the Iranian women's chess team.

FIDE masters wished good luck to Aisa. Warm wishes to the bold Kalmyk girl were also conveyed by the President of the Iranian Chess Federation, Merhdad. In memory of this meeting, the Iranian Chess Federation presented Ilyumzhinov with a real Iranian chessboard pattern carpet.

Later, the sixth FIDE President had a meeting with the leadership of the Islamic Azad University. It is worth mentioning that 1.3 million students study at this university. Kirsan Nikolaevich received the University’s commemorative medal.

On the same day, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov held business negotiations at a nanotechnology corporation. The car that you see on the photo is made on this corporation.