The sixth FIDE President expresses condolences over the tragic death of Eduard Dubov

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov expressed his condolences to the families and friends of Edward Dubov. His letter reads as follows:

“On 23 December, a famous mathematician, member of the Moscow Mathematical Society, international chess referee, former president of the Moscow Chess Federation, honorary member of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Edward Dubov died in Moscow.

It was with great sadness that I received the news of the tragic demise of this extraordinary unique person. His body was found on the street last Saturday, 22 December. The circumstances of death are currently unknown. In April of this year, we congratulated Edward Lvovich on his 80th birthday.

Edward Dubov was an extraordinary man, who was genuinely devoted to chess. The memory of him will live in our hearts. ”

We publish an article about Edward Dubov that was written after the death of this mathematician and chess player.

A famous mathematician, FIDE honorary member freezes to death on Moscow street

On the morning of 22 December, an elderly man was brought to the hospital from one of the streets of the metropolitan area Teply Stan (South-Western Administrative District). He was hospitalized with general hypothermia and frostbite limbs.

On 23 December, the old man died in intensive care. Only on 24 December, law enforcement officers established the identity of the deceased. It was 80-year-old Eduard Lvovich Dubov, an eminent mathematician, member of the Moscow Mathematical Society, teacher, international chess referee, former president of the Chess Federation of Moscow, honorary member of the International Chess Federation (FIDE).

It turns out that he froze near his house, because he lived on Akademik Varga Street in the same Teply Stan.

Edward Dubov was born on 27 April, 1938. He played chess since childhood. Finally, he formed the system of Soviet individual chess ratings (which was jokingly called Dubo in his honour). From the 1960s to the 1990s, he oversaw the accuracy and timeliness of domestic chess players’ ratings and developed his own drawing system in open tournaments. As the chief arbiter, he judged the largest international competitions. He lectured and conducted seminars for arbiters. He headed the Chess Federation of Moscow. He wrote many articles about chess.

“He was distinguished by originality and independence; it was interesting to talk with him on any topic – he always had something to remember and to react to current events ... Until the last days, he was occupied by mathematics and chess tournaments, especially the ones with the participation of his grandson Daniil. Edward Lvovich’s flat was almost entirely filled with books. I have seen it myself. He didn’t boast his erudition, but it was always difficult to match him,” Yevgeny Surov, the chief editor of Chess-news, writes.

22-year-old Daniil Dubov, the grandson of Edward Lvovich, has the title of international master from the age of fourteen; at fifteen, he received the highest chess title of grand master. Now he is one of the most promising Russian chess players.


Карибские страны станут для россиян безвизовыми

Между Россией и государствами Сен-Винсент, Гренадины и Содружеством Доминики с 7-ого января 2019 года вступит соглашение о безвизовым режиме. Наши соотечественники смогут находиться на территории этих стран, без виз до 90 дней и в течение 180 дней, начиная с даты въезда на территорию государства.

Сент-Винсент и Гренадины — это независимое государство на ЮГЕ Карибского моря. Территория страны состоит из острова Сент-Венсент и 32 мелких островков. Страна активно развивает свой туризм, с чудесным и комфортным отдыхом. Гренадины популярны среди богатых туристов, любителей яхт и подводной охоты.

Доминика — государство на одном из островов в Карибском море. Это направление привлекательно своей прекрасной, не тронутой природой. На территории острова множество естественных географических и геологических достопримечательностей. Экскурсии по тропикам и поездки к девственно чистым озерам и водопадам, не оставят равнодушным не одного любителя экотуризма.