Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: I remember how Vanga joked and threatened someone with a finger

On 27 December, “In Reality” show was aired. The show’s director said: “A couple of days ago, beautiful actress Elena Proklova called our editorial office. She was ready to voice all that the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga had said to her 25 years ago. It is worth noting that all her predictions came true one after another. It is hard to believe that it was she who predicted the war in Ukraine, as well as the tsunami in Indonesia. At the time, no one understood what the prophetess warned about, and only years later, her meaning became clear to all.”

During past show releases, it became known that Vanga had predicted many wars. She said that if Syria ceased to exist, the whole world would collapse. Today, this is precisely what many states are discussing. She also noted that America would be in danger by 2020. And judging by what is happening there now, one can believe it.

However, everyone was comforted by the soothsayer’s message that there would be no third world war. It is worth to note that the Great Russia will prevent it. Elena Proklova said, Vanga also reported some facts about the Russian Federation. But she asked to voice them only in the event that all of her predictions come true. And now exactly 25 years have passed since the last meeting of the actress and the prophetess.

Elena admitted that everything really happened as the clairvoyant said. All the events took place alternately, and each time she remembered Vanga and understood what her words were related to. Now the actress is in the studio and is ready to talk about what awaits the Russians in 2019.

Kirsan Nikolayevich said that Baba Vanga told him something similar. He also said that he himself believes her predictions.

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