Kirsan Ilyumzhinov on the tragic anniversary of Kalmyk people

On 27 December 1943, the Kalmyk ASSR was abolished by decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet. On 28 December 1943, all Kalmyk people were subjected to forced deportation. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov tells about this tragic and memorable anniversary:

“Grief and pain fill our hearts in remembrance of the immeasurable suffering that the Kalmyk people had to endure in the terrible December days of 1943 and in the harsh years of testing far from their native land.


Each Kalmyk family drank in full the bitter cup of hardship and adversity. We bow to the courage and resilience of the older generation who managed to survive, endure, and preserve national dignity. On this day, we light memorial lamps; remember all the innocent victims of the Stalinist genocide.

75 years have passed since one of the most tragic pages in the history of the Kalmyk people was written in the early December morning. 28 December is the day of national grief, an eternal reminder of the Stalinist genocide.
The people of Kalmykia had to endure suffering and hardship for thirteen long years; thousands of innocent people were forcibly exiled to Siberia. There is not a single family in the republic that would not suffer a loss in those terrible days, full of incredible pain and torment.
During the years of Stalinist exile, the Kalmyk people lost a third of their population. But, despite all the hardships, they managed to survive and preserve their national dignity and hope for justice.
No matter how far into the past some of the tragic dates of our common history go, the pain in our hearts does not abate. We remember everything, and this common memory gives us the right to dream of things to come and make plans.
We will never forget those who suffered from the brutality of Stalin regime, those who fell victim to the criminal deportation of Kalmyk people. Eternal memory to our fallen!
Many thanks to all the Siberians who helped us in those difficult years of exile! Eternal Glory to our mothers, grandmothers and all Kalmyk women! Eternal memory to those who remain forever in the soil of Siberia.”