Centre for Development of Intellectual Sports Opens at Belgorod State University

On 5 February, the Centre for Intellectual Sports developing intelligence, logic, imagination and patience was solemnly opened at Belgorod State University (Belgorod State National Research University). This momentous event took place on the 15th anniversary of the University Chess Club.

The idea to open such a centre in Belgorod State University appeared in 2016, when the sixth FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov visited the university. He signed an agreement with the Governor of Belgorod Oblast Yevgeny Savchenko on the development of chess in the region. During this time, fifteen chess and checkers playing zones have been created at the university.


“The symbolic red ribbon was cut by children who are engaged in chess in the University. The university is the main venue for chess competitions at various levels. Over the past few years, more than 3 thousand students, teachers and employees of the University took part in them and many won," the university press service reported.

University administration believes that the creation of the centre is a new step in the development of intellectual sports in the region. Moreover, the centre is expected to become a forge of chess personnel. Besides chess players, they plan to train their coaches.
Now sports classes such as backgammon, checkers, chess, go and renju, are conducted by university specialists. During competitions, the centre can accommodate more than 100 participants.
On the opening day of the centre, the University Chess Championship among students started. This championship is a qualifying tournament for the Chess Championship of the Association of Russian Student Sports Clubs.