Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: "Birthday of the dearest person to me"

Today is my father's birthday. Thanks to my father, I passed the school of life I can be proud of. I met so many wonderful people on my way that a few that were not very good did not leave any trace in my heart or memory. My father taught me how to love people and appreciate friendship.

My father, Nikolay Dorzhinovich Ilyumzhinov, was born on 28 February 1929 on the Sladky farm in the Yashalta district of the Kalmyk ASSR in a Kalmyk Cossack family.


My father is a member of the Union of Russian Writers, the International Union of Writers ’Unions and the Club of Writers of the Caucasus. He is the author of the novels “Abil” (2003), “In the Land of Taiga” (2005), “Bread of the Bitter Years” (2006), books of documentary and artistic prose “Ancestors, Facts, Time” (1997), “Soldiers' Fates” ( 2005), “Living Memory” (2009). He wrote many stories and essays on the severe years of World War II, the deportation of the Kalmyk people to Siberia and the history and revival of the Kalmyk Cossacks. His literary and historical essays "On the history of the Cossacks", "Hurricane in the steppe", "Flight to the sea", "Forever with Russia", fragments of the biographical prose "On the Chulym River", "On the Yenisei River", "On the Mazul Mine" as well as essays on his glorious countrymen, natives of the Don, war veterans "Warrior, Teacher, Tribune", "Fate of a Soldier", "Old Sergeant" and others were regularly published in the periodical press, and especially in the "Teegin Gerl" magazine.

My father went through the war and Siberian exile. He described it in his book “Khalta Tsagin Unn” (“The Truth of Stern Years”) (2009), written in Kalmyk language. My father won many awards: the Order of the Badge of Honour, medals "For Valiant Labour in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945" and "For Valiant Labour." By the decision of the Presidium of the Russian Municipal Academy in 2004, N. D. Ilyumzhinov was awarded the commemorative medal "To the 100th Anniversary of M. A. Sholokhov."
My father is an active participant in the Cossack revival movement in Kalmykia and Russia. He is a colonel of the Cossack army of Kalmykia, a member of the council of old men of the Cossack Union, a member of the first Big Circle of the Cossack Union held in Moscow in 1990.  My father’s awards and books are too numerous to mention.
Today, I want to say one most important thing. I owe to my parents all the best that is in me. My father taught me courage, the ability to endure adversity and cope with difficulties. My love and gratitude to you, Dad, are immense.