24 years ago, Vlad Listyev passed away

Vladislav (Vlad) Nikolayevich Listyev (May 10, 1956, Moscow - March 1, 1995, Moscow) was a Soviet and Russian TV host and journalist, the first general director of ORT, an entrepreneur whose murder caused a wide public response. The crime is not disclosed until now.

Ogoniok magazine positioned the hosts of TV programme ‘Vzglyad’ as national heroes:


“Who remembers how many ‘Vzglyad’s’ hosts there were, appearing in the most liberal Ostankino programme on Fridays?

Listyev, Lyubimov, Zakharov, Politkovsky, Mukusev. And not to forget about Lomakin, Dodolev and Borovik... They became folk heroes personifying changes within the country, just as Gorbachev was a symbol of perestroika abroad. From Friday to Friday, together with them, we learned to speak not in hushed tones but out loud: there is still sex in the USSR, capitalism also has a human face, rock and roll is alive, Chernobyl is not an accident, but tragedy... But after we learned to speak loudly, it would have made no difference for us who hosted the Vzglyad programme. For that, we are deeply thankful to everyone who did this.”
On the evening of 1 March, 1995, on his way home from the filming of the Rush Hour programme, Vladislav Listyev was killed in the entrance of his own house on Novokuznetskaya Street.
Listyev’s funeral was attended by tens of thousands of people. All TV broadcasts were suspended. On 2 March, Rush Hour was aired without Vlad Listyev. It showed  episodes of Vlad’s life and excerpts from his programmes.
Watch Vlad Listyev’s Rush Hour programme featuring Kirsan Ilyumzhinov on www.kirsan.today.