Kalmykia junior chess players take part in the championship of Southern Federal District

The chess championship among boys and girls under 9 years of age ended in the Southern Federal District in Krasnoslobodsk on 28 February.

Four junior chess players from the Republic of Kalmykia, Sanal Pakhomkin, Temir Imkenov, David Vankayev and Mergen Mikhailov, took part in it. All groups of boys played nine rounds. As a result, Temir Imkenov won the silver medal among boys under 9 years of age. Now the players are getting ready for the Russian Championship to be held in Sochi in April 2019.


“At one time, I introduced chess as a compulsory subject of study in schools in Kalmykia,” said the sixth FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.  “At that time, it was not promoted in the republic.

At first, they began to play it in schools, and then chess clubs began to open in the districts. There was not a single first-ranking player among children in Kalmykia at first, but very soon a young grandmaster appeared, who became the world junior chess champion at the age of 14.
Because chess came to schools, children began not only to play it well but also to study well. So we turned an elite sport into mass sport,” Ilyumzhinov said.
Now young Kalmyk chess players successfully perform at major competitions not only in Russia, but also in other countries.