Kalmyk miracle of Viktor Baturin

On 3 May, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov met in Moscow with the famous entrepreneur, the author of the new “Burgusta” project Viktor Baturin.

"Drink Burgusta and live up to a hundred years! I met with Viktor Nikolaevich Baturin at a Moscow restaurant. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that the restaurant sells drinking water of Kalmyk production. I wish the Kalmyk brand of Burgusta drinking water all the success in the Moscow market!” Ilyumzhinov wrote in his Instagram.

But, as it turned out, besides drinking water, the project also presents dairy products: live whole milk, cream and Burgusta kefir. It’s time to congratulate Viktor Nikolaevich: thanks to his efforts, the new Kalmyk brand Burgusta appeared on the Russian market.

“Excellent!” said Kirsan Nikolayevich, “To implement his project, Viktor Nikolayevich chose Kalmykia and for many years has been working to create a domestic meat breed of cattle. What we see now could, without any exaggeration, be called the miracle of Victor Baturin.”

Victor Baturin once again proved that with a competent and skilful approach, it is possible to get huge harvests in the arid steppe, one can breed cattle on domestic genetic material, and one can plant gardens and grow vegetables.