Kirsan Ilyumzhinov congratulates veterans on Victory Day

Dear veterans! Please accept my warmest and heartfelt congratulations on the sacred holiday for all of us - Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War!

Every year, on the Day of the Soviet people’s Victory over fascism, we remember our relatives and friends who died on the battlefield of the most bloody war of the 20th century - the Great Patriotic War. In those terrible years, its best sons and daughters stood up to defend the Motherland. 74 years ago, they defended our right to a peaceful life. The victory won by them will forever remain a symbol of the triumph of justice, courage, perseverance and selfless service to the Fatherland.

The Great Patriotic War became an enormous ordeal, but our power held out and won. The Soviet army defended its country and the whole world from fascism. The expensive price was paid for victory in that terrible war. Millions of people gave their lives for their homeland. The bright memory of those who died in the name of Victory, and of those who helped to revive our war- torn country, but did not live to this day, will forever remain in our hearts!

Dear veterans! In these Maydays, we thank you for your unprecedented feat on the battlefield and for your tireless efforts to educate young people in the traditions of love for the Fatherland and civic responsibility. Low bow to all of you: front-line soldiers, participants of the partisan movement and rear workers.

I wish you good health, well-being, a peaceful sky, long life and all the best! Happy Victory Day!