Museum of Kalmykia Central Khurul won the ‘Best in Russia’ competition

The Museum of the History of Buddhism of the Central Khurul of Kalmykia “The Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni” became the winner in the annual competition “The Best in Russia” in the Philosophy of Tourism category.

This competition has been held by the editors of the “Vacations in Russia” tour catalogue since 2004. The task of the competition is to identify unique objects among the tourist resources of Russia. The museum provides an opportunity for tourists to be acquainted with the Buddhist culture, as well as with the pre-revolutionary history of Buddhism in Kalmykia. Over 16 thousand people visit the museum annually.


Today, the museum's collection includes more than 13 Buddhist exhibits such as statues of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, amulets, and much more.

Recall that the famous Khurul "The Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni" - a huge snow-white 56-meter-high temple - was erected in just nine months. This temple is known as the biggest in Europe, with the largest Buddha statue (9 meters) and the only sculpture in the world of 17 pandit scholars from Nalanda University of Ancient India.
Built in 2005 with the blessing of His Holiness Dalai-Lama XIV with the personal funds of the first President of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and donations from local residents, the temple became the hallmark of the steppe capital Elista.