Newlyweds Kirsan and Dzhirgala give their wedding presents to the orphanages in Kalmykia

After we learned that the Elista’s newlyweds Kirsan and Dzhirgala put a video on their Instagram asking subscribers to present them toys to be given to orphanages instead of flowers, we called Kirsan Nikolayevich.

“See, Kirsan Nikolayevich,” we said, “what a wonderful namesake you have! He turned the day of his wedding into a holiday for children from an orphanage.

 The first President of Kalmykia was touched, we immediately understood that. “What a wonderful generation has grown! This means that none I did was in vain. Thanks to the parents who brought up such beautiful children. I wish love, health and happiness to the young couple! May all their dreams come true! ”

Our dear readers, you can watch a very beautiful video by a young couple and wish these wonderful people good luck and well-being.
“28 July is our wedding day. And we want to share our joy and happiness on this day. Therefore, we ask you, dear guests, relatives and friends give us children's toys (just not soft) instead of flowers. And we will give them to an orphanage on your behalf. We also invite all of you to join flash mob called ‘TOY CHILD’, wrote Dzhirgala on her social network page.
The young family transferred all the toys collected by the visitors of the newlyweds’ page to a department of young people with disabilities of children's psycho-neurological boarding school.