Ilyumzhinov congratulates readers of our website on International Cat Day

On 8 August, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov congratulated readers of our website on International Cat Day:

“I have been congratulating my friends, chess players, and all fans of the ancient game on World Cat Day for many years. And I always do it with joy. This holiday of our pets has been celebrated since 2002 at the initiative of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.
I want to congratulate all who are dear to those very graceful creatures that adorn our lives. All those who cannot imagine life without a cat that, as you know, walks by himself.


International Cat Day brings together millions of cat owners around the world. Therefore, I really want people to pay more attention to the problem of homeless cats.

Scientists believe that cats after living for many years next to a man feel equal with him, and therefore one should treat these animals as equals, talk respectfully and never try to punish them.
In addition to providing positive emotions, cats also perform a number of useful functions: they exterminate rodents, treat certain diseases, and simply extend the life of their owner. In some countries, state takes special care of cats. In Austria, every cat that guarded food warehouses is paid a life pension in the form of meat and milk, and in China, cats are protected by law.
May all cats and kittens be healthy, may they have good owners. I wish that your pet’s sincere tenderness, love and soothing purr always give you strength, confidence and inspiration.”