Kirsan Ilyumzhinov visits an ancient Buddhist temple in South Korea

On 11 August, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov flew to Moscow from South Korea. However, our story about Kirsan Nikolayevich’s visit to Seoul will not be complete if we wouldn’t tell you about one of the most beautiful corners of South Korea, the city of Pyeongchang that held Olympics in 2018. Ilyumzhinov visited it on 10 August when he went to see an ancient Buddhist monastery Woljeongsa.

The monastery is located on the eastern slopes of Odaesan National Mountain Park. This is the most famous Buddhist monastery in the region - the landmark of the park. The monastery was founded in the era of the Silla dynasty in 590-658 by monk Chachdjan.


Woljeongsa Temple consists of 60 small temples and 8 hermitage huts making one large temple. The temple houses Museum Sonbo, where you can get acquainted with the Buddhist culture of the Goryeo dynasty (918-1392). You can also see there the 9-tier octagon pagoda created by the Octagon, also called the Sari Pagoda and the stone figure of the seated Buddha Shakyamuni.

Also, it possesses the remains of the Buddha and a huge hall for sermons. The temple is now rebuilt after a fire in 1950, when many constructions were completely burned down.
Woljeongsa is translated as "the monastery of the clear moon." The monastery received this name for the unique night views that of the moon rising over the mountains and illuminating the monastery.
“We visited the temple of Buddha Shakyamuni. I turned the drum on the happiness and well-being of our Kalmyk people and all my friends,” said Kirsan Nikolaevich.