Ilyumzhinov congratulates the older generation on the International Day of Older Persons

International Day of Older Persons is celebrated on 1 October beginning in 1991. It was included in the calendar of significant dates at the 45th meeting of the UN General Assembly.

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov conveyed congratulations to all elderly people, veterans of the chess movement, veterans of war and labour as well as the older generation of Kalmykia, their small homeland. The text of congratulation reads as follows:
“Dear veterans, representatives of the older generation! Please accept my warmest, heartiest congratulations on the Day of Older Persons.


I am glad that such a wonderful tradition has developed that we address the representatives of the older generation with words of sincere gratitude on 1 of October. Your selfless work, patience and courage have become the foundation of our life today. We owe a lot to veterans who survived and won in the difficult years of hardship and deprivation, who defended peace and freedom, and who made a huge contribution to the restoration and development of our economy.

These words are just a small fraction of the gratitude that you deserve for your selflessness, kindness and invaluable life experience.
Dear fathers, mothers, grandparents and mentors! You honestly worked, raised children, rejoiced at common successes, believed in the best and fought for what you believed in. The task of the young is to keep up the results of your labour, to educate worthy successors of your creative affairs.
I sincerely wish you good health, good spirits, success, prosperity and happiness! Let your life be filled only with pleasant events, and loving and caring children, grandchildren and friends always be with you.”