4.5-metre Genghis Khan Monument installed in Kalmykia

The first President of the Republic of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is always interested in hearing the news from the small country, Kalmykia.

Here is what Kirsan Nikolaevich told us by phone: on 9 October, the Genghis Khan monument was unveiled in the village of Privolny of the Yashkul district.

 We looked on the Internet and found a photo of this amazing sculpture, which is 4.5 m high and weighing about 2.5 tons. The years of Genghis Khan's life were carved at the base of the plate. One could see figures of warriors and flags on flagpoles with the names of four Mongolian tribes proclaiming Genghis Khan a great khan.

The complex was built at the initiative of the management of the Ulan-Heech breeding plant. The author of the monument is the sculptor Taun Shalhakov. The construction was carried out on the money of a joint-stock company and donations of the inhabitants of the republic, said the CEO of the Ulan Heech breeding plant Dzhangr Sangadzhiev.
Editors’ note. The farm was founded in 1968 and is located in the northeastern part of the Yashkul district of Kalmykia in a semi-desert area. It is a single land plot with a total area of ​​170462 ha. It is the biggest agricultural enterprise in the Republic of Kalmykia for all the post-Soviet period. To date, the Ulan-Heech breeding plant has the biggest number of sheep in the Russian Federation. Since 1998, Ulan-Heech has been a regular participant in Republican and All-Russian exhibitions of outstanding breeding animals and has become a permanent winner.