A team from Kalmykia takes part in the GTO festival in Artek

On 17 October, Kirsan Nikolayevich called and informed us that the final stage of the Summer Festival of the All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Complex "Ready for Labour and Defence" (GTO) will be held at the Artek International Children's Centre from 17 October to 7 November.

This year, more than 150 thousand students from 85 regions of the country took part in the fight for the right to join the national teams from the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.


In the final stage, 680 best students from among the holders of gold insignia of the GTO complex will take part. The Kalmyk national team consists of eight students of the 3rd and 4th age levels of the GTO complex. The winning team will take away the challenge cup of the Summer GTO Festival. The official opening of the Festival will take place on 24 October and its closing will be on 7 November.

We know how proud is Kirsan Nikolaevich of the successes and achievements of Kalmyk youth. We know that he will root for the victory of his young countrymen.
And we know that Artek for Ilyumzhinov is like first love. In Artek, a Kalmyk student Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, who was awarded a ticket to the country's main pioneer camp for his academic success, first saw the sea. Later, Kirsan Nikolaevich wrote in one of his articles: “For the first time, I saw the sea and sea vessels in Artek. I remember that I was struck by the inconsistency of children's ideas about the sizes of schooners and caravels, which I read about in books, and the actual sizes of cruise liners and warships. They were huge, the size of a three-four-story house! ”
In 1999 and 2000, Ilyumzhinov sent Kalmyk students to Artek. They visited the Artek International Children's Centre and took part in international children's chess Olympiads. In the future, sending the best students to the best children's health resort has become a tradition for the first president of Kalmykia.
Kirsan Nikolaevich came to the children in Artek many times. Recall that on 12 May 2018, the sixth president of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) attended the opening ceremony of the OCHTA- PARK CHESS Artek tournament.