Elista celebrates the day of Buddha’s descent to earth

On 19 November, in the Central Khurul of Kalmykia, “The Golden Abode of Shakyamuni Buddha”, festive events dedicated to one of the main Buddhist holiday, the day of descent of Buddha Shakyamuni from the Trāyastriṃśa heaven down to earth, are held.

Buddhists for many centuries celebrate this bright holiday on the 22nd lunar day of the ninth month, which this year falls on 19 November according to the Gregorian calendar. It is believed that the result of all the good deeds committed on this day bears the repeated accumulation of merit. An extremely good deed on this day is the manifestation of special care for parents as Buddha Shakyamuni did.


According to legend, Buddha Shakyamuni after he attained Enlightenment went to the heavenly country of the heaven of the Thirty three Gods to bestow the wise Teaching of his mother Queen Mahamaya in gratitude for her boundless kindness. Buddha Shakyamuni spent three months in the heaven of the Thirty three Gods, bestowing on mother various teachings. And after the inhabitants of the earth called on Buddha Shakyamuni to descend into their world and return to earth, he accepted their invitation.

After completing the Teaching, the leader of the deities Chakra ordered Vishwakarma, the Architect of the Gods, to build a staircase so that Buddha could descent to earth. The base of the stairs was in the town of Sankissa, where Buddha Shakyamuni returned to earth.
His return to earth was due to human ignorance, anger, passions and suffering of all living beings. This event - the descent from heaven to earth - was among the great deeds of Buddha Shakyamuni.