Kirsan Ilyumzhinov congratulates Russian mothers on Mother's Day

On 24 November, Russia celebrates Mother's Day. Kirsan Nikolaevich congratulated Russian mothers on this wonderful holiday. It reads as follows:

“With all my heart I congratulate all mothers on one of the brightest holidays in Russia, Mother's Day!
On this day, I want to thank all the mothers on Earth for the greatest gift we received from you, which is life! Our dear Moms, I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday!

Mum is the first and, perhaps, the most important word in the life of every person. This is the beginning of all beginnings, the support and hope of the family, an inexhaustible source of kindness, care and tenderness.

 Maternal love makes us stronger and more confident, helps us overcome life's difficulties and believe in success.

I congratulate my mother, Rimma Sergeevna.  Dear mum, please accept all the warmest words from your loving sons!
I want to thank the initiator of this bright holiday Elmira Dzhavadovna Guseynova. For the first time in the USSR, Mother's Day holiday was celebrated at school No 228 in Baku on 30 October 1988. Its author was Elmira Dzhavadovna Guseynova, a teacher of Russian language and literature, who now lives in Stavropol.
Gorgeous Moms! May your children be successful, attentive and loving and your life filled with well-being and harmony. With all my heart, I wish you more bright days and reasons for joy!
I wish all the mothers inexhaustible spiritual strength, life wisdom, angelic patience, female happiness, love and homeliness. Thank you, dear ones, for the warmth, tenderness, affection and care that you give to us. I wish you all peace, kindness, good health and long life! ”