The head of FIDE has congratulated the King of football with the 75th birthday

I am proud that I live on Earth at the same time as Pele, proud of our acquaintance. I want to congratulate the greatest football player of the planet, a living legend of the sport with the anniversary. The most famous Brazilian of all time October 23 celebrates its 75th anniversary. Pele is considered the best player in football history, and the most popular athlete in the world. After the end of his football career, he became a vivid public figure, Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations and UNICEF.

In Brazil Pele is officially recognized as a national treasure of the country. He is so popular at home that when he released his memoirs, many of the boys began to learn to read. And I understand them!
Here are a few quotations from the memoirs of the great Brazilian:
"Enthusiasm - that's all. It should be taut and vibrating like a guitar string".
"Football - a team, a team, not just one or two or three star players".
"When you control the ball, you control the account".
"I admit that the life of a Leader is difficult, that he will suffer more from injuries than most men, and that many of these injuries are not random".
"Success - is not an accident. It is - hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all you must love of what you do or learn to do".
I can't to list all the achievements of Pele, so today, along with millions of fans, I want to say:
Thanks you for the football, beautiful and honest! Happy birthday, the king of football! I wish you good health and long life!