Kirsan Ilyumzhinov arrives on a friendly visit to Al Ain (UAE)

On 6 December, the first president of Kalmykia, the sixth president of FIDE Kirsan Ilyumzhinov arrived on a friendly visit to Al Ain (UAE). Kirsan Nikolaevich spoke about this by telephone to our correspondent:
“I flew to my friend Ahmed in Al Ain. Visited his unique reserve with rare species of animals. Ahmed is a great philanthropist and humanitarian. His hobbies are wild animals. He finds rare animals in zoos around the world, buys them, keeps them in his reserve and then releases into the wild.


or example, there are only 20 white crocodiles of this kind on the planet. An interesting fact about white crocodiles: if they are the same in length and size, they can coexist peacefully together. If their length is even 5cm different, one kills the other. The albino tiger looks very impressive. There are a lot of rare animals in his reserve: white lion, pink flamingos, giraffes, roe deer, etc.”

The editors’ note. The city of Al Ain is located in Abu Dhabi in the depths of the mainland. For residents of the UAE, this is a popular holiday destination and an excursion destination for Russian tourists. A tour to Al Ain gives you the opportunity to see the real Arabian desert and an oasis garden in this desert. The climate in the desert is different from the climate on the coast. Humidity in the desert is lower, and summer heat is more easily tolerated. For this reason, Abu Dhabi residents buy weekend homes and villas in Al Ain. The second reason is the tranquillity of Al Ain compared to the turbulent and busy Abu Dhabi.