Kirsan Ilyumzhinov greets www.kirsan.today’s readers with a Happy New Year

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov greeted www.kirsan.today’s readers with a Happy New Year. The text of the greeting reads as follows:

“My dear friends! Like-minded people! Compatriots and fellow citizens! With all my heart, I wish you a Happy New Year! Seeing off the Old Year, let us forget all that hindered and complicated our life. Let us remember only the good that happened in the past year.
May the new 2020 year be a time of great discoveries, a time of faith, hope and love. Let the New Year shine with all the colours of happiness and wonderful wishes. May dreams inspire, may good fantasies become reality!

Only a few hours are left before the New Year begins, and the expectation of the New Year miracle has already settled in each of us. On New Year's Eve, you understand that we are born to comprehend that the life of every human being it is very important and that there is Hope, Faith and Love. We need to believe in the good. We must hope for the best. But the main thing that we need is love.

I wish you to believe, hope and love in the New Year. Let joy settle in every home, and may tears in the eyes of the loved ones appear only from happiness.
With all my heart I wish you a Happy New Year! I wish that your dreams come true. Let your goals be achievable and your plans be feasible. I wish everyone good health, happiness, a festive mood, peace and prosperity!”